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Take The Plan By The Petals...


With my 'priceless' identified, Love, time with my family and inner contentment/satisfactionno time like the present than to grab the bull by the horns or take the 'Plan By The Petals' and get cracking on adjusting my goals and plans to give me my Best Year Yet. As a business owner, call me a young entrepreneur if you feel like (although the word itself sounds a lot more important and superior than it really should do) I have that completely natural but sometimes uncontrollable, addictive, we can do everything, anything is possible and I will have it all done yesterday character trait. A lot of belief and determination has got me this far but upon starting the plan with Andrew I became very aware that my drive and determination must be focussed and in some way controlled in order to achieve the things that matter. I write this post as a happy business owner who is by no means near the peak of achieving her goals, I work daily and strive toward goals for Silky Bouquets which will hopefully be recognised within the next 3 years. Now I am using the Plan to shape my life approach, so my business goals and personal goals merge together as surely the only way to achieve my Best Year Yet, driving SB's forward without neglecting myself, health and relationships.

It's so easy in business to be swept up in the chaos of the working week, I have poured hours, blood sweat and tears into SB's often neglecting the most important things mentioned above, my priceless. Take first 'inner contentment/satisfaction', that feeling I have chased for a long time, to be settled and at peace internally. For me, my inner contentment is a place where I am the best version of me, satisfied because I have given the best of me to those around me and am able to enjoy my life to the full. To reach this I realise now I must take time for myself, yes there are days at work when I need to stay the full 14hours rather than the dreamy 8, we are still a growing business of course, but I am learning that the exhausted version of me isn't the best nor the most productive version. I often come home with work still in my mind, plans for tomorrow, concerns about orders and suppliers that need to be resolved first thing, this cloud of 'work' interferes with my home life. I have been present at so many family gatherings and friends parties and realise now that I was only really there in body, my mind always wondering back to work and to-do lists.

So how will I learn using the plan to try and stop this?

Well step one, surely, is identifying this as a problem, tick, I am very aware of the issue and made a plan with Andrew to fix it, we set about devising my new paradigm, focussing initially on me. I found the process very self indulgent but rewarding as I analysed myself and my life and came up with one of my guidelines in a new paradigm as 'cherish & make memories with the people I love'. In order to make this guideline happen I need to plan, adapt my work life, give more responsibility to staff, share the workload, give equal importance to my time out of work as I do to time in work. Just recognising the issue of work eating into my home life gave me a huge wake up call, I will always be the annoying sort who wants to fit far too many plans into any given time slot, but am learning to plan my time outside of work doing things and experiencing things with those I love. Adopting the 'dream like you'll live forever, live like you'll die today' mantra I re-jigged my work plan in November and took a 3 day break in Paris...may not sound a big deal but to a total workaholic in the busy Christmas period this was major, and low and behold, i had the loveliest 3 days with Dan, and came back to work a better version of me, relaxed and revived and ready to go again.

Massive tick in goal box one for the month, I made memories, cherished my time and asked for help from others, reorganising my life, ensuring work at SB's would be fine without me (taking the plan by the petals literally) in order to take a chance on a trip with the loveliest man I had met (we only knew each other a short while but both adopted the same belief that life is short, live it well). Since November Dan and Andrew have really combined to help me focus on me and my life, taking a chance and making the most of things... cant wait to see what we manage to squeeze in next!

Will let you all know soon!