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Dream Big, Get Crazy, Be Content...


So, post Paris trip, taking a leaf of faith and a few days off work, top question, whats a paradigm? Or more importantly whats a new one? If you read my last post you would see my reference to 'devising my new paradigm, focussing initially on me.' Yes, this self indulgent task of analysing myself and my habits was vital for me to consider habits, traits, patterns and ultimately the life model I follow and adopt daily to consider how a new approach, a new way of working in order to gain new results, a new paradigm ultimately will give me the Best Year Yet I am in pursuit of and the best version of me I hope to live as.

The last post seems a lifetime ago, lots has changed and I'm learning about myself, the business and my life is changing as I operate towards the new paradigm. A paradigm is the 'typical example' or 'pattern/model' we follow, the BYY programme has really made me stop and think; most entrepreneurs are insane, well according to Einsten 'Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results' so surely I would be insane not to re-evaluate my day to day life and work out how to get to the results I desire.

From the adoption of the BYY plan and my paradigm which myself and Andrew initially penned as;

'I can dream big, be crazy and achieve my contentment'

I have started to find that initial zest for life I had fresh out of Uni, the things that can go stale when everyday life gets so busy. Since starting SB's I have had my self-belief to rely on, but the day to day demands at SB's had begun to send me down a path to micro-management and generally feeling like I tread water at work, putting in longer hours, exhausting myself and beginning to feel like I missed out on living to the full outside of work. By sitting for a couple of hours and really concentrating on my personal life I felt liberated, at ease with myself, the exact same feeling I gain from a Sunday morning yoga class when your hips feel like they have just remembered that they are connected to the tops of your thighs and the bottom of your back and your whole body then feels like it moves with ease as you float off for a Sunday morning cappuccino! Needless to say, since the start of the plan I have upped my yoga game as I love the feeling it gives me, to clear my mind and connect back in with myself, little moments of reflection that effect me in a similar way to the initial BYY questionnaire and shape the paradigm I now work with.

So now I've took the time out of life to evaluate my hopes and dreams, created my paradigm, took on yoga, I've already begun carving out more me-time, working on me or 'my advisor.' I have identified my greatest desires and inspiration, why do I do what I do? Well, ultimately for a family, to create a successful business that pushes and challenges me professionally and will provide me with a comfortable income and lifestyle so that I can become a mother and partner who has the time to spend with my family, making memories and living, enjoying life, surrounded by loved ones. I haven't set out on this path with SB's just to build a business, make a success, I'm on a path to a lifestyle that suits the family I hope one day to have and the family I am already so blessed to be a part of.

What felt like two very self-indulgent hours to complete the initial BYY questionnaire now seems like a eureka moment that has answered many of my personal questions. I know now what the end goal is but the plan forced me to say it out loud. Now, I can work the plan to achieve the ultimate family goal (Dan don't run for the hills just yet) one day in the future , but for now I must enjoy the everyday, the precious time I have, as I said before, life is short, I know too well. Keeping one eye on the bigger picture is driving me to work hard but with a new umph! to work more efficiently, treasuring my loved ones, making more memories, this month included a trip to London with Dan and a brunch with my favourite ladies (I promise I haven't been slacking at SB's) This blog is later than planned as I just started working on the Growth Catalyst programme at University of Liverpool so am learning how to better grow and manage SB's to benefit the business and myself, evaluating how the operations of the business can be adapted to get the best results for us all... but more on that next time!

Anna x

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