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Growth, progress, change... catalysts


I mentioned in the last post how I have just embarked on a University course with The University of Liverpool, the Growth Catalyst course in the Management School. I had been asked to consider the course last year but gave the old 'I don't have time' response, since staring on the BYY plan and adopting the new paradigms, I realised, I do have time, if it's important to me. The course would require time, effort, commitment and for me to break out of my hectic, self-inflicted schedule, I'm learning how to change and break some unproductive habits and choosing to participate on the course has been a major part of my plan so far. Taking on the Growth course has sat hand in hand with my plans on Best Year Yet, I have been able to look at how to make the most of the work version of me, to get the best out of the expanding business I already have but with a new realisation that I can't and don't need to do it all on my own. I am always prepared to put in more time and effort than may be needed and will always remain focussed on the end goal, but, somewhere in the growth of Silky Bouquets I had lost sight of the end goal, been caught up in the everyday and have ran back to back weeks working 6 and 7 days, 15 hours at a time then coming home and trying to co-ordinate the full renovation of my house. I have been the person who could talk to you all day about how I'm 'working toward a work-life balance' and how 'later in life I'd be at home with my kids and earning enough money to be comfortable yet enjoying time with them'. BYY has made me take action, after all life is happening today, now, not in 5 years time when I decide I might be ready for children, probably then realising I had exhausted my body, ruined my health to the point that I wouldn't be able to have them, or worked so hard I had nobody to share my future plans with, all work and no play as they say! Andrew has taught me how the paradox of giving some responsibility is that we have to let go of some too, as the business expands and I aim to make more time to pursue my dreams and achieve my personal goals I know I need to change. The Growth course has started with an intensive look at the business itself, what do we already have, the team in place, where do we aim to end up and ultimately for me, how do I want my week to look?

I have now began to learn the management skills and processes I can adopt to move towards completing tasks most productively, and using one of my BYY plan guidelines 'Ask for help'. The team we already have is great and we work together well, yet I am my own worst enemy, I try  to complete as much as I possibly can myself and take up tasks that everybody could do, I even turn up early to the shop to clean up before the girls arrive at work, this isn't something I need to do. After re-evaluating I will make use of my days at SB's hour by hour, I need to invest time and effort in getting processes in place so that the whole team can take on a lot of the tasks I do, creating a business that can run without me being so central to it. Within the first month of the growth course I already feel more confident in how things can change and have a clearer vision of how my work life and home life can feed into each other, fulfilling me in every way, the Growth course and BYY should be the perfect combination and are already showing me a more enjoyable path through being a young entrepreneur, young ambassador, girlfriend, sister, daughter, aunty, blogger, friend and doggy-Mum. These past few weeks have allowed time for a trip to London watching Blossoms and sight seeing with Dan and a completely out of character closure of the business for the day while we headed off to Aintree for Ladies Day. More to come on these days out in a less work-more play themed blog next week... I'm still amazed that I managed some time off and didn't totally lose my marbles, the business stayed afloat and nobody got hurt... just shows the plan must be working!

Anna x