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Long week...


So that was a long 'week' ... My lack of posting the following week as promised is not something that the OCD, always on track me would usually do, but I've consciously tried to work towards happiness and fulfilment instead of going through the motions and ticking jobs off my never ending lists. The planning and goal setting of BYY gives me a framework each month to put certain actions in place that will allow me to achieve my nine annual goals, which all sit under my main guideline 'to cherish and make memories with the people i love'. My new guidelines are teaching me to prioritise, make the most of my time, and I hope to better understand that its not the end of the world if I don't quite squeeze everything in at that moment, I can reflect on my goals and plans with Andrew and find new solutions and approaches if there is a goal I haven't cracked this month. Being adaptable and allowing some aspects of life happen naturally, especially where time with my family and friends is the end gain has given me one of the best months I've had in years!

So, over the last few weeks, adaptable me has filled my time with adventures to Wales with Dan and his family, theatre trips with my nieces and then with Dan, stays in Knutsford, a Spa in Manchester, a 5 mile Easter Sunday run and an Easter with my family, bank holiday days out, my cousins 30th Birthday celebrations, in between co-ordinating decorators in the house, having my sash windows refurbished and internal and external doors all worked on, working at SB's co-ordinating weddings, funerals, a new website, new ebay store, new staff members and spending time at university on my growth course, making changes to our business plans and developing a strategy and ordering furniture and items for a new showroom.

Yes, I've had the best time ever, crammed in as much as I can do in typical Anna style, and every moment has been special. Work, play, family, love have all been fulfilling and busy, I've been bouncy and on-form, until, two weeks ago, I booked a GP appointment as I started to feel tired and frustrated, feeling that I was losing my sparkle (looking at the list of places I've been its no wonder really I suppose). Some blood tests found that my vitamin D levels had dropped and could have been very low for some time, joint pains, tiredness, aches and an overall anxiety forced me to take a day off work (my second in SB's lifetime) and sat at home I had time to consider what I'd done, that I'd pushed my body and my mind to make sure that I could do all the things I wanted to do, aswell as all the things I needed to do and tried to ignore the lethargy and aches that my body used to tell me to slow down. I should know, having suffered illness in the past, I should know my body is not invincible, I need looking after, and most importantly that I need to prioritise time to relax just as much as time to enjoy myself and go do all the things I want to. Feeling weak and 'broken' (as I kept calling myself when I had no idea what was wrong with me) has really altered my mindset, I've re-considered my diet, tried to vary my exercise plans and re-build my body and am making rest a part of my weekly plans. Within this time I've had my annual oncology review which all went well but served as another reminder that my health is the vital ingredient, I can't have my Best Year Yet if I'm not 100%, everything will crumble if I'm not fully fit.

Feeling better now and making an amalgamation of the growth course, the BYY programme and my reminder to look after myself I have been working on my ideal week, how much time do I want to devote to work, play, rest, and how can we continue to grow SB's in a sensible, smart way.

Making plans to change my approach to work-life-love and a 'having it all' balance really is a massive sign of how the BYY programme is challenging, fulfilling and altering my mind-set for the better.

Now its time to relax!

Back soon!