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Relaxing... done


Having not posted since May is a sure fire sign that I've been relaxing... well, not totally, but I've learned a lot to just stop, breathe and take it all in, instead of running at a million miles an hour trying to fit everything and everybody in where possible. June proved fun, Glastonbury didn't disappoint, and work at SB's has been altered that I can take time out to escape like that. July, fun too, a beautiful trip to Madeira with Dan, another full week out of SB's and yes, the world didn't collapse and Linda and the ladies played a blinder.

While in Madeira I learned to really switch off, the first time in the six years I've had SB's that I've really felt like myself, the me without work, flowers, stress, busy busy attitudes and anything else, just me, as I am, relaxed, having fun and exploring the island with my man. I've never felt so content and at ease and had lots of time to think about what I want from life, I decided I want more of this, so how do I manage my time to achieve this? Firstly I've learned from Andrew to focus on me, for my best year yet to continue I need my health and energy, to be the best version of me to manage the day to day life I love and share my time with the people that matter the most. Instead of trying to cram in as many hours as possible at work and assuming that SB's would benefit in the process, I've switched my focus to being the most productive me, and shortening my office hours as a result. The energised version of me copes better with stressful situations, is more focussed when in the office and accomplishes more on a daily basis as a result... quite ironic really considering my weekly hours have gone from 60 to 45 and I seem to be fulfilling more tasks than ever.

My July meeting with Andrew proved fascinating as it showed first hand how my most important goal and focus has been to spend time, 'cherish and make memories with the people I love' with this goal scoring 100% across the board in my half way review. It is only a result of the plan that I have managed to quantify how much I neglected my loved ones before, with Andrew's guidance and a new awareness that I can only lead others once I learn to successfully lead myself, I now lead my life with a focus on fulfilment, something I strived for before but hadn't managed to workout just how to achieve.

My next challenge is now to focus on making the most of my skill set at work, to operate like a surgeon who executes their skills in the most effective way. What's my main skill, what do I offer to SB that can't be given by anybody else and how do I go about executing that skill to the best of the offering for the business? Well that's something for the newly relaxed me to work out, taking time out to think and focus will be the starting point...

Back soon